05.03.22 - Extended Downtime

Oracle Cloud aparently had a network issue related to public IPs for free-tier accounts, and seeing as I'm a cheap bastard and use the free-tier, was affected. After stumbling through Oracle's console and doing some much needed updates, I was able to get things back up and running. Only 3 weeks of downtime! Not bad for a free service running on a toaster. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it's a good reminder that I give no promise that will be here forever.

05.04.20 - New Frontend

With our 1 year free trial of AWS expiring soon, the reverse-proxy for Midi has been moved to the Oracle Cloud. The reason for this change is due to the fact that Oracle provides an "always free tier" in their cloud that should be able to support the type of traffic Midi currently sees. One downside to moving is that in classic Oracle fashion, they're behind the times and don't support IPv6 meaning that for now Midi is not available from an IPv6 only network (Not that there's probably anyone on an IPv6 only network anyways.) All in all this helps to keep the upkeep costs for Midi right where we like them - free! If you've got any questions feel free to contact us.

04.07.20 - IPv6 Support

After doing some reconfiguration on the reverse proxy side of the Midi infrastructure, the site is now accessible over IPv6!

02.15.20 - New Hard Drives

While scrounging I was able to find two 2TB hard drives and decided to replace the 80GB drives that were originally in the Midi server. While I don't foresee the amount of files hosted on Midi getting anywhere close to 2TB, it still is nice future proofing. The two drives are set up in a mirrored z-pool using ZFS.

07.23.19 - We're up! is now live and working! we're still working out some kinks as to where exactly the server is goingt to be hosted but for the time being the system is up and running. Please excuse some minor issues or downtime.